5-Minute Make-up Hacks to Transform Your Regime

If you're looking to speed up your beauty routine then we have a few handy hints. From colour-correcting concealers to highlighting foundations, these products will make-over your makeup in an instant.

Achieve a luminous complexion with ease by mixing a drop of liquid highlighter in with your foundation. Opt for a hue that matches your skin’s undertone, for example, a gold-toned shimmer if you have a warm complexion or pearly pink if you’re cooler.

Brighten tired eyes in two steps. Use a nude or white kohl pencil along your waterline to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Then, apply a pearly, cream-coloured eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of the eyes for a wide-awake appearance.

Get the most out of your lipstick by using it as a blusher too. Add colour to your complexion by using your fingertips to blend a little lipstick into the apples of your cheeks. Stick to a hydrating formula rather than matte for a dewy, blendable finish.

Create an effortless smokey eye with one product only. Scribble a cream-textured eyeshadow pencil over the base of your lid and along the lower lashline, then blend outwards with your ring finger for a sultry, smokey finish.

Can’t get the hang of liquid liner or want a softer way to define your eyes? Use an angled brush to apply a matte dark brown or black eyeshadow along your lash line. Dampen the brush beforehand for added intensity and glide.

Want a lighter coverage foundation for spring/summer? Instead of purchasing a new product, try mixing your current favourite in with your moisturiser to create a lightweight, natural-looking base.

Finding that your concealer just isn’t covering your dark circles? Using a small amount of colour corrector beforehand will counteract any blue tones under the eye. Look for a peach or pink-toned corrector if you’re fair in complexion or red and orange tones if you have darker skin.

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