The Vegan Beauty Range You Need To Try

Looking to go vegan with your beauty products for 2020? Call off the search as ‘Pure’, a natural skincare range exclusive to Marks & Spencer, has had a makeover! Read on to get the low down. The good news is it won’t cost the earth...

This year, veganism has taken the beauty industry by storm with many brands cleaning up their act to become eco-friendly as the demand for natural skincare is ever increasing. Produced and formulated in the UK, Marks & Spencer’s Pure beauty range has had an update for the new year with a focus on natural products that work without harming the planet. Now 100% vegan, all animal by-products have been removed and almost all of the packaging is now recyclable*, along with soya inks replacing traditional printed labels. The packaging has also been given a fresh new makeover with a simple look and feel that makes it easier to pick out the right products for you. 

Split into three sub-categories — Ultimate Cleanse, Super Hydrate and Natural Radiance, each range contains a variety of effective, skin-loving products to care for your complexion and are made with a minimum of 95% naturally derived ingredients that are free from parabens, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, silicones, mineral oils and GMOs. 

From a nourishing cleansing balm to a soothing micellar water, the Ultimate Cleanse range is made up of 5 different cleansing formulas along with a toner which can be used on all skin types. Our favourite is the Hot Cloth Cleanser, rich in starflower and camelina oil to condition the skin whilst removing impurities, leaving it deeply cleansed and radiant.

Feeling dehydrated and craving moisture? The Super Hydrate collection is the answer to your skin-saving prayers, designed to leave your complexion perfectly hydrated, plump and protected. A key ingredient of the range is Starflower oil (also known as borage oil**). 

Rich in essential fatty acids, Starflower oil is fantastic for treating dry, flaky skin whilst soothing inflammation and sensitivity such as rosacea and eczema.”  

A hero product of the range is the Super Hydrate Day Cream, which offers 12-hours of hydration, using a mixture of starflower, camelina and oat kernel oil to deeply moisturise, soothe and rejuvenate your complexion. To supercharge your beauty regime and flood the skin with hydration, try layering this lightweight cream over the Super Hydrate Serum for the ultimate moisture boost. 

However, if you’re after a brighter, youthful-looking glow, then the Natural Radiance collection is the way to go. Packed with radiance-boosting ingredients that will help to protect against ageing and damage whilst evening out your skin tone, if there was one product we would invest in from the range, it’s the Natural Radiance serum. This highly-concentrated formula will reduce the signs of ageing, containing echinacea to aid with skin recovery and peptides to improve firmness and boost elasticity. It also includes reservatol – a highly effective anti-oxidant, that protects the skin from free-radical damage whilst brightening your complexion and is extracted from upcycled waste grape pulp from an M&S wine supplier (it seems there are more perks to wine than just drinking it!).  

* All of the packaging is recyclable, except for the dropper used in the Natural Radiance Oil as there are currently no recyclable dropper formats on the market.

** Sourced from local UK farmers, the borage seed crop used to create the oil is bee-friendly, helping to sustain a healthy bee population (more reasons to love this conscious beauty range!).

Helping you to be your most beautiful self, naturally, the all-new Pure is one beauty range to try this year. Shop our favourites below… 

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