Get Ready To Update Your Workout Wardrobe

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Photo Taken In Chon Buri, Thailand
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The New Year has arrived and with that comes a wave of healthy resolutions to recover from the festive indulgence. Whilst you may not have been particularly active during the holidays, the New Year brings the motivation to feel better inside and out. For some, exercise can seem like a chore; however, finding something you enjoy can harvest multiple rewards; from increased energy and better sleep to improved emotional health. So, whichever sport you choose, we’ve found the kit to keep you looking stylish.

Yoga Bunny

Whether heading to the gym or working out at home, Yoga is an exercise that can be practiced by anybody. Not only does it increase flexibility, lower blood pressure and improve balance, it’s great for all levels of fitness, age and body shapes, plus is an excellent de-stresser too! Loose layers are best to allow you to move freely, then try a lightweight sports bra for comfortable support and always remember the yoga mat to protect your spine. 

Run Forest, Run

Running is one of the most freeing (and free) activities you can enjoy, whether you’re jogging with the dog, taking part in a 5K, or training for bigger feats. In the summer, opt for light layers like a shell-style top and shorts. A supportive bra is essential as protecting your breast tissue is imperative to prevent any strains or pulls. When the temperature drops, go for long-length fitted leggings and long sleeves in a breathable fabric – look for moisture-wicking garments as they draw sweat away from the body. 

Gym Class Hero

If you are a member of a gym (or thinking of joining) there are a multitude of activities to enjoy. From spinning & body pump, to HIIT these classes are set to get your heart rate pumping. Therefore, versatility is key and good support is essential. Opt for garments in breathable fabric that allow you to forget what you’re wearing and get stuck in, and always pack a sturdy pair of trainers. Lightweight styles with bouncy soles will support your ankles and knees in all situations. Don’t forget a water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated too.  

Aqua Marina

If you prefer to take your exercise off dry land, then heading to the pool is perfect for weight loss, plus it takes the pressure off joints too, which is great news if you find anything high impact too uncomfortable. Swimwear should be practical and fuss free – you’re not off to the beach, so save the more elaborate options for the holidays. Don’t forget to take an oversized towel in your holdall and of course, some rich hair products to replace the moisture the chlorine can absorb from your tresses.  

The Great Escape

So, you’re not one for the gym, don’t like to get your hair wet and aren’t zen enough for yoga – then the great outdoors is for you! Whether you’re off on a hiking holiday or simply enjoy a woodland walk in solitude, having a few wardrobe options that aren’t your normal jeans and T-shirt gives you added comfort and practicality. Opt for durable footwear and light layers you can add on and take off – a waterproof padded jacket will also see you through all eventualities. Don’t forget the backpack either as it will allow you to be hands free and distribute any weight equally across your back

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