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What our
customers say

“Incredibly friendly and personalised”

Tuesday offered an incredibly friendly and personalised service from the start. I contacted them mentioned what I wanted, my style and the shops that I liked and was asked to add a photo so that the stylist knew what I looked like.

Within about a week I was sent an edit with a selection of clothes, with each item/outfit broken down into how I should wear it or could combine it with other items.

I asked to go slightly out of my comfort zone and so far, even though the items are not what I would usually buy I have loved every piece that I have purchased. My stylist has been very friendly, adaptive and quick at responding. I have found it very useful and will certainly continue to expand and develop my wardrobe.


“Tuesday is a dream come true”

As a woman who is not a fan of shopping, finding this service is a dream come true. You sign up, go through your likes / dislikes / needs and your skin tone so colours can be matched. Then you are sent a some outfit suggestions by email.

I have already bought a few of the items suggested for me which I am totally pleased with! My stylist is excellent and provided me with what I wanted. I am very much looking forward to more outfit suggestions in the near future.


“I liked them all so much, that I hurried out to order them all”

I was in a style rut when I decided to contact Tuesday. After having two pregnancies and rushing around after two little ones, I ended up either wearing leggings or skinny jeans (depending on which were clean) shoving them into boots, with a jumper over the top, every single day! My stylist sent me a tailored selection of a few but very well thought out items. I liked them all so much, that I hurried out to order them all.

Since having them for just a couple of weeks, I have worn every piece numerous times, they all go with many other items of my existing wardrobe, and have pushed my style boundaries, which I desperately needed. Who would have thought I would be wearing bright red jeans! But I feel great in them, they brighten my day.

Just these few items have rekindled my love for my casual mum wardrobe. The price and quality of the selection was great too.